Corporate Security

MSM understands the security threats and dangers that VIPs face every day in Pakistan, considering the prevailing law and order situation in the country. We have trained and vigilant security staff to protect our VIP local as well as foreign clients who trust us with their protection and security. We make sure their protection and safety. Our static and mobile security teams are fully capable of safeguarding the live, property and premises of our clients.

MSM Security Services offers optimum security for commercial and office buildings across Pakistan. The commercial properties consist of many stakeholders who have individual needs. Employees, customers, visitors, property managers, facility managers and others, all have different sets of needs in terms of security. Moreover, being the experts of commercial security in Pakistan, we cater to each of these requirements. We take the pledge of keeping your property safe from theft, loiterers, vandalism and any other security risks.

Our Best Services

We don't follow any scheduled working hours rule. We understand that for complete building security in Pakistan, our trained and licensed security team needs to be present there for 24/7. Emergencies do not come after knocking your door! So that's why we are there for you with our round-the-clock service.

Corporate Security

Don't think that we are done with our task by installing CCTV or deploying security guards at the commercial sectors. Instead, when it comes to providing quality office security in Pakistan for 365 days, we stand out because of our strong surveillance and monitoring team. Our team takes charge of keeping a constant eye on what happening in your workplace with patrolling service in the outdoor and surveillance facilities indoor. We ensure complete protection inside out.

Theft and vandalism have become an increasing problem in the construction industry; adding unnecessary delays and cost to your project. MSM Security Services will protect your sites, equipment, materials, tools and trailers from the time you break ground until your project is delivered.