Security Guard Services

MSM Security endows with the service of both armed and unarmed security guards who are recruited after going through a thorough process of security and verification, Mostly coming from armed services background, our security guards are diligently trained in multiple aspects. Before deployment, guards are trained by our team of professionals at our Training Centers where they are trained and bound in ethics of their duty, respective SOPs, fire extinguishing, reaction and response etc.

MSM provide manned security guarding services for building and construction sites, offices and hotel receptions. Manned security guarding can help to deter and prevent criminal activity such as burglaries, vandalism, tool theft or break-ins for both residential and commercial premises alike.Manned guarding is perhaps the ultimate access control system there is, which, when combined with patrolling mobile security units, reduces the possibility of any breaches. Their ability to observe and report any suspicious activity dramatically reduces the chances of any intrusions, providing the required level of ‘protective security’ to property, premises, and staff.

Our Manned Security operatives are trained to the highest standards, having been vetted intensively. They have also completed a rigorous induction programme that includes counter-terrorism training which ensures that they will be prepared for any eventuality. MSM Security Services has taken a unique approach to the business of venue security. We employ fully screened, trained, experienced, well-groomed and uniformed security guards. Our security guards are outfitted with full formal wear suit attire accompanied with visible security identification badges and equipped with two-way radios and earpieces or the equivalent at the venue’s supply to ensure constant communication within the security team on duty.