Home Security

We provide you with highly trained and vigilant security guards for your homes and residential areas. Highly trained security personnel can not only immediately communicate with the appropriate authorities, but can also remain in contact with law enforcement to guide them to the precise areas of suspicious activity.

We give ex-Military and Police close protection trained private safety officers to safeguard your home or properties. MSM Security will secure your home, hotel suite or country estate from theft or damage by criminals. We highly esteem being the best of all private security organizations. We are well- reputed for offering unmatched assistance, both in quality and productivity.

Our Best Services

We provide Residential Security Teams (RST) to customers which offer a strong, manned deterrent for stately homes and properties. Our team can work with you on a long or short-term basis, providing regular patrols whether you are renovating a vacant property, working away from home or simply going on holiday! Our team also works with a variety of commercial clients, offering a combination of Manned Security Guarding services including Key Holding, Mobile Patrols and even a Staff Escort service. Our services will ensure that your premises, property and employees are kept safe, helping things to run smoothly and leaving you to focus on the business at hand. Of all of this reliability is one that MSM Security prides itself for. We have heard of many instances where people have been let down, guards not being where they were supposed to be, or saying they were there, when they were not. With MSM, you can be sure we will be there, and what's more, we can prove it, our mobile patrols all being time tracked / stamped. This can be vital in cases where damage or losses have been incurred, many insurance companies stipulating that a certain level of security needs to be in place, and if you can't prove that it was, your claim could be turned down.

Residential / Home Security

This is just one reason why we focus on reliability, coupled of course with reasonable charges. Thanks to the professional acumen, reliability and convenience that our residential security solutions offer you. With us, you can synchronise your dwelling with your daily routine. We help you to create multiple customised scenarios, wherein your home responds spontaneously to your day to day schedule unmistakably and seamlessly.