Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol service provides a visible solution and cost-effective deterrent to protect your property day and night. MSM can tailor this service to provide bespoke cover using our fully trained, mobile patrol officers in our highly visible patrol vehicles. We use advanced scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that enables us to plan an unpredictable route that covers all the property under our care as well as super-fast incident response when required. This allows us to suppress levels of criminal activity and vandalism, as any potential perpetrator never knows when we are going to turn up.

Providing security using a mobile security force means being in the right place, at the right time, while providing full accountability to our customers. Our reliable systems allow us to do both, plus the ability to give you an instant site report. You can also view our activities, giving you total peace-of-mind and importantly the means to supply your insurance company with all the evidence they may require in the event of a burglary.

Our Best Services

We will make sure that the premises are safe and secure, calling the appropriate emergency services and monitoring the situation on your behalf. You can truly feel more at ease when you allow MSM to provide your site security. Our highly recognisable, all-terrain patrol vehicles ensure that we can continue to provide quality security solutions, whatever the weather, allowing us to observe and report any suspicious activity in all instances.

Mobile Patrols

Our operatives can patrol in deteriorating weather conditions. Our key holding and alarm response services allow us to provide the level of business security that you require. Once we have been told of any breaches or when an alarm has been triggered, one of our patrolling teams will be dispatched to your premises.Static security is one thing, but sometimes, for instance in the case of construction sites, you need to deter wrongdoers and others that could do damage, vandalism being a particular problem. This is where you need a security firm who can provide reliable, trackable patrolling service. Our mobile patrols are always on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Their random operation pattern makes it impossible for the criminal to predict when we will be there, checking all is well.